PressReader and ESS 'connect' for access to online media.

ESS is delighted to announce a new technical partnership between PressReader and our Library Management Cloud.

Award-winning all-you-can-read platform

PressReader brings the largest selection of global publications from trusted sources to both academic and public libraries, and all on a single digital platform that benefits from secure authenticated access.

Using their library card number and PIN your library members will get instant access to PressReader content anytime and on any device. And with the added integration using ESS's Connect for PressReader you can be sure that only your library members are granted access to your library's PressReader subscription.

With publications from over 120 countries in more than 60 different languages, you no longer have to spend hours sourcing content on behalf of your library service because PressReader have done that for you. Covering content for all ages and interests your PressReader resource will be a great way to help you improve customer satisfaction and grow your library membership. Add PressReader to the theme of your online public access catalogue and it is likely to drive wider use of all the other wonderful resources and services your library can offer too.

More information...

To find out more about the new integration product from ESS please click Connect for PressReader.

Click to download PressReader's article: The Future of Libraries report (2022) for FREE or to speak to the sales desk.


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