New Partnership for Patron Point and ESS

ESS is delighted to announce that Patron Point has joined us in technical partnership connecting the power of world-leading library marketing automation capabilities and the data stored in your ESS Library Management Cloud platform.

An integrated platform

Patron Point is a fully-featured marketing automation platform that helps libraries really drive their digital marketing and attract, onboard, inform, engage and retain library customers through targeted marketing and automated engagement. Patron Point is exclusively for public libraries and using the data in the library system it allows you to segment customers in any number of ways resulting in the generation of engaging and graphically pleasing emails, web forms, and landing pages for offers and services you provide.

Helping libraries expand their customer engagement

Ian Downie, Vice President, Growth at Patron Point commented, “We are excited to expand our reach into the UK public library market through our partnership with ESS. Now ESS libraries can benefit from the integration and harness Patron Point’s Proven™ Programs to engage their communities, getting the right message to the right people at the right time.”

Anthony Whitford, Chief Technology Officer, LMC at ESS commented, “A key consideration when future-proofing a library service is the freedom to select best of breed functionality as part of a seamlessly integrated library management platform. Our new partnership with Patron Point will help our customers apply expert marketing activities using their library data to drive tangible service improvements and better, more personalised and actionable, engagement with their library users.”

More information...

To bring the power of marketing automation to your library service you will need our Connect for Patron Point product from ESS and a software service subscription from Patron Point.

The Library Management Cloud sales team can tell you more about Connect for Patron Point.

To learn more about Patron Point and to purchase a service subscription please click here.


Patron Point and ESS Information panels